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Learning and development is about creating the culture and environment for individuals and organisations to learn and grow.  Arctic Spire provide learning and development consulting services to help organisations overcome common business challenges to meet their unique objectives.

Arctic Spire Training
Arctic Spire Learning & Development



Our educational and learning experts are here to help you develop a strategic approach towards learning and development aiding you to achieving your organisational goals.



We are here to help you undertake an exercise to scope the end-user training phase, providing a clear plan with resources assigned for the development and delivery phases. The TNA report captures the content for each of the sessions required, the duration of the training, the support materials, the geographical dispersion of users and how / where end-users will be brought together for training.



We are here to help you capture the required skills, knowledge or behaviour required to undertake a task or process successfully. We work collaboratively with subject matter experts (SME’s) to capture the skills and knowledge required to ensure an organisations operation runs effectively and efficiently. We observe, we discuss and we are not afraid to ask the odd daft question if it means understanding and detailing things correctly so every bit of the process/task is captured.

If you are introducing a new process, a new piece of equipment or a new way of working we can assist. We support organisations by working with suppliers, internal functions and consultants to record whatever is being introduced in a way that can be cascaded to others.

If you are experiencing a skills shortage in your industry, we will support your organisation to up-skill/multi-skill your staff.

We support organisations in transferring the knowledge from individuals who have been doing the same job for a number of years, ensuring all key details and information is captured - preventing any lack of knowledge issues further along the line.



Sometimes another pair of eyes can make all the difference. We offer design advice, suggestions for development improvements or fix any technical issues. We can also help you get started on a new project.



If you choose to create your own in-house e-learning, we provide development services to help make your projects a success. We can assist you with e-learning design, templates and training on the authoring tools, graphic design, animations, characters, audio and video production or just provide extra resources on or off site to help you get the job done. We provide you with the specialist skills as and when you need them.

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